Introducing Sasha


My husband Will and I had to say goodbye to our Basset Hound/Rottweiler mix Copper in September. We were absolutely devastated, but with the passing of a few weeks we knew we were ready to open our hearts and home to another puppy.

We went to our local humane society last week and met a few doggies, but fell in love with Sasha. She is a Rottweiler mix. We don’t know what her mix is – she’s very very skinny, and not broad like a Rottweiler at all. She is almost two years old and is very quiet, gentle, and well-behaved. She was with an owner before who taught her commands, so she knows things such as sit, stay, come, paw, high-five, down – very different from the poorly behaved, hard to train hound we had previously!

Sasha is with us as part of the foster-to-adopt program, as she is not yet spayed. Once the humane society has an appointment to spay her, they will call us, and we will take her in, the same day we will sign the paperwork to officially adopt her.

It has only been a few days but we are settling into a routine and I think we are going to be a very happy family of three! Life just isn’t the same without a doggie in it, and we are happy to have Sasha in our lives.


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