What I Read: A Monster Calls






Oh my gosh this book, A Monster Calls, was incredible. Patrick Ness is the best young adult author I have ever read. He wrote this book based on an idea from Siobhan Dowd, who passed away before she could write it.

The book centres around Conor, a boy whose mother has terminal cancer. He starts having dreams involving a yew tree in his yard and a monster. Through his interactions with the monster, Conor has to come to terms with his situation and admit the truth.

This book was an emotional sucker-punch. It was so beautiful, and so sad. The illustrations by Jim Kay were just so well done, as you can see above, the pages were illustrated and the illustrations of the monster were spot on. The darkness Conor feels just came to life on the page.

Next on my list to read is More Than This by Patrick Ness. I loved the Chaos Walking trilogy by him, and cannot wait to read his latest. It’s sitting in our living room, I bought it for my fiance for his birthday, as he is also a HUGE fan of Ness. Read his books! They are amazing!


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