Series I Love: Jack Reacher

Back in 2005 I was browsing the stacks in the public library in my city, looking for something to read. This was before the days of Goodreads and book blogs when my reading was a little less planned out than it is currently. I still sometimes just wander around the stacks, looking for covers that appeal to me. I love spontaneous discovery.

On this day, I found a book that led to me reading 17 (!) more. Killing Floor by Lee Child. The main character is Jack Reacher, an old military policeman who is a loner on the road, is very large, approximately 6’5 I think, drinks a lot of coffee and never owns more than one outfit at a time. He buys new clothes and trashes the old ones, because he doesn’t like to carry stuff around. There’s a murder in the town he’s passing through in Georgia, and somehow he’s arrested for murder. Suspense, mystery and crime-solving ensue.

These books are no literary masterpieces, but I enjoy a larger than life character who is just too ridiculous to exist in the real world. Also, I enjoy predictability in my reading sometimes. I know what I’m getting when I pick up a Jack Reacher book. He’s on the road, he gets involved in some sort of crime, people are usually out to get him for some reason, he usually meets a lady friend, and talks a lot about how he doesn’t like to be tied down.

There’s currently 18 in the series, with a couple of shorter stories included in there, one of which is from Jack Reacher’s perspective as a child.

I introduced my fiance’s dad to this series and he loves it. Maybe your dad would too! Or maybe you would. I love it. But don’t get me started about how Tom Cruise ruined what could have been a great movie franchise. Tom Cruise is a full foot smaller than Jack Reacher is supposed to be, and nowhere near as badass. It still makes me angry to think about!!!


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