Book Hoarding

I will admit, I have a problem. 

I love buying books. Unfortunately, this often ends up with piles of books on my shelves that I don’t have time to read. So I want to challenge myself to make it through a bunch of these books gathering dust on my shelves, that I really have been meaning to read, but just haven’t picked up yet. I just get distracted so easily!! One day I feel like YA, so I buy a bunch of YA books. The next day I am feeling like crime novels, so I pick up a bunch of those. I get books for Christmas, and my Mom and Granny give me books when they finish reading them (I do this with them too so it somewhat evens out). 

These are some books I need to read. They’ve been hanging over me for months, some even for years. I feel guilty about not reading them and then in turn, ignore them, because that makes everything better. If you click on the pictures it will take you over to their Goodreads pages.





These are just a few of the things hanging over my reading conscience. I wonder if this is a problem for other people as well? I bought my Kobo with the hopes that e-books will help alleviate some of my hoarding tendencies.


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