New teas





So I wrote this post, then it disappeared. I apparently have a lot to learn about WordPress. Blargh.

Anyway, long story short, the weather was gross yesterday, and I needed new green tea, so I went to Davids Tea.

I stocked up on Mango Diablo – green tea with a kick, and the only green tea that I’ve really enjoyed up to this point. I tried a 50g bag before to make sure it was worth buying the tin, and it definitely is! Have been drinking a lot of green tea since coffee is out with these gallbladder problems. I feel like I’m cheating on my Keurig.

The Chocolate Rocket tea is new – makes me feel like I’m eating chocolate without the calories and is very yummy.

Haven’t tried the Oolong yet, just got 25g. Haven’t had oolong tea before, so I’ll report back about whether I like it or not.

Off to school now, once I finish this post and watching the latest episode of The Walking Dead. Have to meet a prof to talk about a tutorial I missed while I was in the hospital.

Have a good day!



    1. It is very delicious – has a good kick to it. I used to only drink black tea but I definitely don’t regret branching out, it’s been nice to try new things, and find some that I really enjoy!

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